02 – Mantras are powerful


W02 – Mantras are powerful

As a kid/ teenager and adult I have been using little sentences to reassure myself mostly when i got scared, stressed or wanted to stay focused.. Things like “You can do it”, “Regarde devant toi” or expressions like “Actions speak louder than words”, “What does not kill you makes you stronger”… Well at the time I did not know how powerful and beneficial they were for me until my dad pass away in 2012. I was 3 month pregnant at the time. Within the next 12 month unrelated life events happened: my son was born premature (6 weeks early), my best friend’s partner passed away, my great ant, uncle and grandpa died that year.  This is life and life happen. During that year i was really emotional, stressed and anxious about pretty much everything from being pregnant, grieving, working full time, having to deal with my dad’s things, being a new mum… and realizing what is life. Each time i was exhausted, crying, trying to figure things out in a time where i did not even had control of my own sleep. Mr H keep remind me that because we are doing our best or at least trying to do so “Everything is going to be ok”. From that day on, each time I feel overwhelmed, scared or feel like things are out of my control i breath deeply and keep repeating myself this mantra as guided meditation for 5 min.


Do you have a mantra that kept/keeps you going in difficult time?


Ted talk about the power of Mantra here



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