04 – Frye Art Museum


W04 – Cris Bruch: Others Who Were Here Exhibition

Well, during the 5 years Mr H and I lived in CD we never made it to the Frye Art Museum located on First Hill in Seattle. It is not like we never walked by it or did not know it existed but for some reason we never took/had the time to do it. So now that i have more time in hands, I finally planned a lunch date in Seattle with a friend and we decided that we will go to the Frye art museum.

I really enjoyed Cris Bruch work since, “We”, as a family are trying to live a more frugal and self reliant life.. One step at a time we are working toward that bigger picture.

In 2015 I fell in love with Pierre Rabhi’s phylosophy of “Sobriété Heureuse”. Which i think can be translated in english as “frugal happiness”. You know all that good stuff about Being instead of Having… Living on less, Experiencing more, Permaculture, Agroecologie, Recycling, Upcycling, Building communities, Respecting mother earth.. ❤


What do you think of frugality?
Is that something that talks to you?


Info about the Frye Art Museum here

Info about Pierre Rabhi  here

Info about permaculture here

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