06 – Lincoln Park’s sunset


W06 – Deep Puget Sound

One of the best moment of this week was walking around Lincoln Park in West Seattle with Ulysse and one of his buddy Jaxon. There is a lot to look at and to do there. As for them, bugs, sticks, rocks, puppies and playground are entertaining. I was mesmerized by the deep colors of this sunset. It is funny how things turned out, I usually try to go for walk with the kiddo in the morning during winter but since Ulysse and Jaxon had different nap schedule we ended up going out around 4.00pm after the afternoon nap. I was definitely not excited by the idea of getting out the house at that time since traffic can be an issue in Seattle.. Well it was but I am glad we did because it was totally worth it  <3.

Merci mère nature.


What is your favorite spot on earth to watch sunset?


Info about Lincoln Park here

Info about the trail here

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