07 – A French thing!


W07 – Du pain, du pain, du pain

As we moved back to America there are a couple things that i/we’ve miss dearly.. Bread is an example and since we can’t afford to purchase an organic loaf of bread everyday or so.. I decided to start baking it. So far it has been a success story. I have been using a dutch oven recipe and even if you don’t have any basic cooking skills you can do it. I think it took us a month to break even from our dutch oven investment (40$). You don’t need a fancy kitchen aid or mixer. I use a bowl with a fork to mix the dry ingredients together and use a tablespoon to mix the water in. I used to do it all with my hand but realised that i was spending for time washing my hands afterward than mixing… Also that recipe does not call for any other type of flour than unbleached all-purpose flour however I have been using and mixing, all wheat, dark rye too… If you modify slightly the recipe just make sure to watch the baking part, I keep doing 20 min with lid and 20min without + add some time if needed.



What is your favorite bread recipe?


Ricardo crusty white bread dutch oven recipe here

Our not fancy dutch oven here

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