09 – Noirmoutier Island


W09 – Weekend entre filles à Noirmoutier

We are in France until next week and as usual we are trying to see and spend time with family and friends as much as we can. Ulysse is off with papy and mamie and I got to spend the weekend with 4 of my girlfriends. How was our quality time? What did we do together? We walked, talked, laugh cooked dinner, ate, drunk, talked, walked in the cold, went dancing, slept, sober up, run, cooked brunch, ate, walk, read, spent time on the beach shared memories and cleaned the house! It was a great weekend filled with Friends, Food and Fun.

PS: I would love to retire in a place like this. The old couple drawing on the beach  ❤


Do you go the extra mile to connect with friends you have not seen in a while?


Info about Noirmoutier Island here

Noirmoutier Island’s website here

Local yumminess : Sea salt butter, Oyster farm, Brioche Bonin, NO Mad coffee

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