11 – Ikea est là!


W11 – Furniture window shopping

Well, we own an empty old house. Yes, we move back from France with 4 luggage and even if we had some boxes stored at my in laws we did sell our furniture before leaving the states in 2011. After realizing that all of our cash did not end up in our closing cost (Yippee!!!). I started to look at Craigslist, Goodwill and Habitat for humanity but nothing I saw was calling my name.. So i decided to go to the Swedish store and window shop. Easy to say that window shopping there is almost impossible you always end up buying something.. Even for me. As for why choose to buy some furniture from Ikea? Well, 1-Budget, 2- Design/Quality, 3- No bed bugs, 4- Impatience.  I have always been surprised by how pricey furniture are in the states and since I knew the store/brand from France i felt comfortable spending my money there. Also don’t forget we have a 3yo at home there is no way i am going to spend 2k in a sofa… Of course i shop by myself, using phone to take pics and an app that allow me to make collage in order to see if the pieces fit together. So with a budget of 1000$ i bought 2 armchairs, 2 comfy living room chairs, 1 dining table, 1 set coffee tables, 1 rug, 6 cushions, 2 step stools, 3 set of curtains! As shopping at Ikea has been an interesting topic of discussion within my family and group of friends I was wondering…


What do you think of Ikea?


Info about Ikea’s social and environmental responsibilities here

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