12 – Michelle’s baby shower


W12 – Michelle’s baby shower party

Was great! It was fun to be part of it, and I can’t believe she actually took time to bake/make those fancy baby shower cupcakes. She is a pretty sweet, smart, productive and talented woman 🙂 I can’t wait to meet their little bb!  As i’m writing this post I realize that it was our first baby shower. In France you don’t shower the mum/parents before the baby has arrived (superstition..). It is kind of funny when i think about it now. I did plan a baby shower for Ulysse’s birth when we were living in Nantes but since he arrived before the shower, we had to cancel it! Instead our friends and family came to see us individually after the birth once we were at home and brought gifts for our little man.


Do you do baby shower?


Where does baby showers come from? Here

You said Nantes? What/Where is Nantes? Here

I did mention she was talented right!? See why here.

How to make baby shower cupcakes face, here.

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