13 – Olympic peninsula mountain sunset


W13 – Feeling lucky,

To live such in a beautiful state, place. As much as we can miss our life in France or Seattle. Nothing can replace the beauty of the land/water here, living in the middle of the Puget Sound with the Olympic Mountains on one side and the Cascades/Mount Rainier on the other. Don’t get me wrong this is not the view from our house! But we drive by it everyday and i don’t get tired of it 🙂 My second favorite road (now) to drive on is “La levĂ©e de la divatte” it is located in France on the edge of “La Loire” between “La Chapelle Basse Mer” and “Saint SĂ©bastien”. I remember when I learn to drive at 16yo, i was scared to take it. Interesting how something scary can become a favorite and reassuring with the time..


What is your favorite daily road to drive/bike/walk on and why?


Where was this photo taken? Here

Learn more about “La levĂ©e de la divatte” here.

Learn more about “La Loire” here.

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