15 – 200h Yoga teacher training!


W15 – 200h Yoga teacher training!

I have been practicing yoga since 2007. I got hooked pretty fast and thanks to my friend Daysha i was able to practice with great teachers at the Yogalife studio in Seattle (now OmCulture) on a volunteer exchange program. At some point i started looking for a new place to practice and realized that just 2 blocks away from our apartment was this amazing studio: The Samarya Center. I checked it up, I loved the welcoming atmosphere, the altar, the talks at the start of the class, the feeling of love and community.. the affordability and the quality of the teachings. This is one of the only Studio in Seattle at the time that was offering free community classes. Moving back to France in 2011 I knew it was going to be difficult and expensive to find a place where I could practice.. So Mr H and I decided to give a try to “My Yoga Online” (now Gaia.com). We’ve had our membership for 6 years now (the only membership we have..) and we’ve been using it on and off at home. The yoga philosophy helped me/us so much through the past years to work through our life changing events, that I wanted to learn more about it, in order to be able to teach it to and make it accessible to people around me. So, here I am now starting The Samarya Yoga Teacher Training by a retreat of 2 weeks at the Guild in Plain, WA in the middle of the Cascades.


Have you ever been to a yoga class?


Info about Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Standarts here

Info about The Samarya yoga teacher training here

Info about the Guild in Plain, WA here

Info about My Yoga Online -> Gaia.com here

Info about Yogalife -> OmCulture here

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