16 – Triple spiral labyrinth


W16 – Triple spiral labyrinth

One thing I was the most worried about the Yoga teacher training is my lack of practice when it comes to meditation. In fact I felt like I never meditated before in my life. Because in “my mind” meditation was a suppose to be done sat down, cross legs and empty brain.. Doing that training made me realized that actually you can meditate in a ton of different way: sitting, walking, laying down.. We’ve used this triple spiral labyrinth during our training as walking path to meditate and quiet our mind. I have used other meditations tools or techniques before the training without really knowing it. Meditation is supposed to help you calm down the fluctuation of the thinking “Monkey mind”. A good way for me to do this is to focus on my belly breathing / Ujjayi breath (inhales and exhales) with a mantra and/or visualising (mental image).

For the story, when i was pregnant of Ulysse I read one book : Guide to childbirth by Ina May Gaskin. Pretty amazing book by the way. Women in it explain their natural home birth and what they did to make their birth easier. Three of the “tools” that were mentioned and made sens to me were:

  • A relax state -> Deep inhales / exhales
  • Mantra -> positive talk/thinking to the baby and yourself
  • Mental image -> Visualising yourself opening like a flower with each rushes

It helped me a lot when I gave birth to Ulysse naturally,  6weeks premature and he was born in 4h.. Mr H was working in Berlin at the time so I was by myself in the room, strong and confident that everything will go well and everything went well. It was fast though! I know that women are not equal when it comes to give birth but I am certain that these meditation tools helped me, not freak out and fear the birth of our first son.


How do you calm the fluctuation of your mind?


Guide to birth – Ina May Gasking

Books that I enjoyed reading for/during the training:

Living your Yoga – Judith Hanson Lasater

Teaching Yoga – Donna Farhi

Yoga and the quest for the true self – Stephen Cope

No Guru came kncoking – Molly Lannon Kenny

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