19 – Orange and black caterpillar


W19 – Orange and black caterpillar

That was super cool. Really really pretty caterpillar on the concrete stairs going up to the ferry terminal. We watched him for 5min before realizing that we needed to get up in  order to catch our boat 🙂 I am not especially a bug person but i love colors and patterns and geometry… Well maybe i am a bug person without really knowing it! I have tried raising worms when i was a kid, it think my brother had an ant farm at some point too. Not patient at the time to enough to observe and see.. maybe I’ll try again with Ulysse!


Have you ever had bugs as pet when you were a kid?


What type of caterpillar is it? Here!

Bug museum on the Kitsap peninsula. Here

Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle. Here

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