21 – Sticks and lights


W21 – Sticks and lights

We’ve been to Kitsap Playland, to the aquarium in Seattle and the Seattle children’s museum with Ulysse multiple times this year already… The cost of membership worthwhile when you plan to go more than twice a year. This week we tried the Kids discovery museum in Bainbridge Island with mamie J, super different than the one in Seattle. It is a smaller structure so they do not have as much “pretend to be” areas but they have this really cool first floor where the kids can play in a craft room, test the centrifugal force with golf balls (safe!) and create on this giant sticks light board. Not sure if it was the kid in me or my OCD.. but I had fun with that board and was able to grab a picture before the kids took over 😉


Do you have a favorite kid game?


Info about Kitsap playland – here

Info about The Seattle aquarium – here

Info about Seattle children’s museum – here

Info about The kids Discovery museum in Bainbridge – here

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