22 – Sun & Splashes


W22 – Sun & Splashes

It has been a pretty sunny week and we have been enjoying our cheap kiddie pool 🙂  Ulysse loves playing in the water and most of the time we have to negociate with him when it’s time to get out of it (bath or pool). We took him to a pool for the first time when he was 5 month old when living in France. When we moved back to WA, he took a Tiny Tots swimming class at the Hazen High School pool in Renton. He/We loved it! I was surprised by the number of  “skill set” required before being able to learn how to swim. Mr H and I enjoy swimming to so I suppose it is not a surprise that our little one is a fish in the water 😉

Remember, do not leave your kid(s) without adult surveillance when they are playing in the pool.


How old were you when you learn to swim?


Tiny tots class, Hazen  High school in Renton – here

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