24 – Sunday tomatoes!


W24 – Sunday tomatoes!

Finally bought some tomato plants to pot. I Felt it was kind of late in the season but as we say in French “Mieux vaut tard que jamais” which translate into “Better late than never”. We love tomatoes.. Fresh and tasty. How interesting it was to see Ulysse not eat the tomatoes from the store here after being used to eat the ones grand mamie (his french great grandma) grows on her small balcony in Nantes. It was a nice morning activity, Mr H’s dad => Papy T came for lunch so we were able to do that before eating since Ulysse is most of the time sleeping in early afternoon..

This quote from Pierre Rabhi talks to me in so many ways “Cultiver son jardin est un act politique” -> “To cultivate your vegetable garden is a political act”.. and we are taking toddler steps 🙂


 Do you see tomatoes as fruits or vegetables?


Yummi Yummi summer gazpacho recipe here

Who is Pierre Rabhi here his website in French

Who is Pierre Rabhi here wikipedia page in English

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