25 – Kopachuck, WA state park


W25 – Kopachuck state park, WA

The first time we went there, we were the first on the beach at low tide and realize what a cool spot it was for harvesting oysters and clams. Mamie J, Ulysse and I were planning on having fun in the water, have some lunch and go home. However since it was low tide and the ground was covered with oysters, we were not able to do much in the water! We did not know anything about harvesting oysters and started talking with some people who were doing it. By the way, PEOPLE are NICE and I love how anyone is willing to share their knowledge with beginners. So we ended up helping a mum and her toddler harvesting oysters!

Before doing any crabbing or harvesting shellfish make sure you have a license that allow you to do so and check the season’s openings, closures for where you plan to go.


 Have you ever harvested shellfish? Do you cook them and eat them too?


What can you do at Kopachuck state park? Here

The map of the park, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

License for fishing/crabbing/harvesting shellfish, here

Info about fishing and shellfishing in WA, here

Harvesting oyster (for dummies ), here

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