26 – Hike it baby!


W26 – Hike it baby!

After 4 month in our new home, we have been busy bees but we have not met new friends to playdates with yet. So after seeing a poster add for Hike it baby when we were at the Silverdale waterfront park i decided to give it a shot. Pretty easy to log in and to find the Facebook page access for Kitsap Peninsula. Our first walk with Melissa was great, we met at Bremerton’s YMCA playground by the skatepark. We were 5 mums (i think) and planned to have bubbles, chalks and snacks for the kids. We walked around for a bit too 🙂 It is definitely something that I would like to do more often if our schedule fits the planned hikes which are held by volunteer mums!


How would you like spend more time outside?


Info about the Silverdale Waterfront Park, here.

Info about Hike it Baby, here.

Info about Hike it Baby Kitspa Peninsula, here.

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