27- Staircase area – Olympic National Park


W27 – Visiting the Staircase area in the Olympic National Park

We had a ton a fun this week but I decided to highlight our trip to the Olympic National Park. It was “Mamie J” Birthday and we decided to spend the day together hiking in order to celebrate her. We left early on Saturday for a day trip to the Staircase.  Again, a first time hike in this area of the Olympic National Park for me and Ulysse 🙂 After 3 hours drive we arrived at the entrance station, paid for our membership (50$) and were ready to hike. We did the rapids loop trail (2.1 miles), and the first part of the Shady Lane trail (> 2 miles). Beautiful scenery. It was a great day and awesome family quality time ❤

PS: Ulysse (3yo) walked, skip, run along the trails and walked as much as us 🙂 He had a good nap on the way back!


Which National park impressed you the most?


Staircase’s brochure, here.

More info about Staircase, here.

Hiking with toddler? More info here.

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