28 – Pilchuck’s Open House


W28 – Pilchuck’s open house

I spent my week caring for our front yard which needed a lot of love with ivy and blackberry bushes taking over the space and the curb appeal. Anyway, our fun this week was to be part of Pilchuck’s Open’s House. Mr H is a glass maker/artist (blown, sculpted, polished, engraved…) and he has been working this medium the past 10 years. Our friend Alex Cannon was doing a demo for the Pilchuck open house and ask Mr H to come along in order to assist her. I came along for the fun aka taking pics. To be honest i don’t know anyone who has been to Pilchuck and does not like the place or fell in love with it. It was my 4th time on the campus. It is just gorgeous, inspiring and fun.


Have you ever watch glassblowers in a studio?


What is Pilchuck? Here.

Next Open House? Here.

Wanna watch some live glassblowing? Here.

Alex Cannon’s website, here.

Hugh Willa’s website, here.

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