30 – Blackberry lovers


W30 – Blackberry lovers

As much as I don’t want to have any blackberry bushes in my front yard I do not have any issue picking blackberries around the peninsula during the summer! It has been fun to do it with Ulysse and “Mamie J” as we walk around the parks on the peninsula. This week we went to 2 new state parks the first one, Shine Tidelands state park was kind of disappointment since we wanted to hike around.. We did found some amazing blackberry bushes that no one had touched yet. We picked 2 full bags of blackberries, minus all the ones Ulysse ate while helping us 🙂  We stayed 45 min and decided to go to the Kitsap Memorial State Park which is 8 min away from Shine Tidelands. We had lunch in the shade there and walked around and down to the beach for some fun in the water. Once we got home we split our harvest, “Mamie J” baked a blackberry crumble, i made some coulis to eat with yogurt and ice cream and froze the rest for smoothies! Thank you mother nature ❤


What is your favorite blackberry recipe?


My favorite Blackberry jam recipe, here.

What can you do at Shine Tidelands State Park? Here

What can you do at Kitsap Memorial State Park? here.

The map of Kitsap Memorial State Park, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

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