31 – Crabbing!


W31 – Crabbing

I never went fishing in my life but now I know how to harvest crab in WA state! What do you need? A license, a dock/pier/kayak/boat.., a ring net, a bait, a rope, a bucket, a measuring tool and some patience 🙂 Check the tide before going! We went crabbing 4 times this summer and we got 1 crab that was big enough to finish in our plates! I think it has to do with the fact that we harvest crab from the dock and not from a boat. It does not even matter if we can’t take any home, having the kids/people checking out the crabs, asking questions and helping putting them back in water is nice => Creating connections and sharing knowledge!


What is your favorite sea food?


More about recreational fishing? Here

Where to get a license, here.

French way to cook a crab, here.

French way to prep a crab once it is cooked, here

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