32 – I can’t choose..


W32 – I can’t choose..

I don’t know what is my favorite souvenir of the week. All of it! I can’t choose, I don’t want to chose, I loved all of them for different reasons.. Trip to the aquarium and the chalk street art in Seattle’s waterfront (#lightupthegrid), our day trip to Hurricane ridge (Ulysse did amazing!), my first yoga community class in Seattle’s Pratt Park and our family Sunday at Scenic beach.. Loving the summer!


What about choices? Do you feel you have the choice to live the life you want or do you feel stuck in the life you have?


More info about art on Seattle’s waterfront, here.

More info about Hurricane ridge (Olympic National Park, Wa), here.

Hurricane ridge brochure/map, here.

What/where is the Pratt Park? Check my 01 – Bittersweet love post

What/where is Scenic Beach? Check the post 29 – Scenic Beach!

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