33 – A.SMITH CHILDRENS, Kitsap County Park


W33 – A.SMITH CHILDRENS Kitsap County Park

This garden is amazing, the volunteers are doing a beautiful work. We love walking through it, figuring out what is what, admiring the eatable arches (peas) or pretend to play with the train.. The butterfly house is adorable (future green house plans?). They have a special raise bed with Dalhia’s flowers that are only meant to create bouquets for patient at the hospital.. I mentioned in my post 20, how much i would love to create a Perma-culture flower/vegetable garden at home. Well this place is definately a good source of inspiration. I forgot to mention that we also have an access to the beach from there.. Lower to mid tide only. The only downside of the place, no real parking => Park on the shoulder and Tracyton Bld gets busy.. Pay attention to your kids!


What are your 2 favorite flowers right now ? For me Passiflore and Dahlia!


Info about the A.SMITH CHILDRENS Kitsap County Park here

More Info about Anna Smith, here

More info about the Master gardener foundation of Kitsap County, here

Hands on Perma-Culture in Seattle, here

For more Ressources take a look at my post 20 – Pretty flowers and Perma-culture dreams

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