35 – What do you see?


W35 – What do you see?

A new game for Ulysse to play! Open and close the containers, fill them up and empty them (rice/sugar/water/dirt/sand…). Simple everyday tools that help kiddos developing fine motor skills. I have never heard of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy before moving to Seattle 10 years ago. It is very very slowly making it’s way in France… Celine Alvarez (French researcher/author/preschool teacher) has done a fantastic job proving/showing the benefits of a pedagogy based on the natural learning skills of the kids. However, the results of her 3 years research in a test classroom in the lower class Parisian suburb were so good that the French ministry of education asked her to stop the test classroom and quit her job since she was clearly proving the in-efficacy of the actual French (pre)school system. I know that having a free public preschool system is amazing however what if the kids are not actually learning anything through it and it creates more stress and anxiety for everyone? I found it extremely interesting as I loved learning/going to school as a kid but I had to work extra hard to keep average grades.. I would love my kid to attend a Montessori school at some point, however right now it is not possible. The good news is that Ulysse has been accepted in the morning Head Start program this September! Youhou!!


Have you ever consider homeschooling?


More info about Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, here.

More info about Celine Alvarez work, here (in french).

“How to in the classroom” practical video guides from Celine Alvarez’s website, here.

What is Head start? here.

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