37 – Give me some Pukka Love


W37 – Give me some Pukka Love

I used to work for a French food/drink sales and marketing consultancy/agency that helps organic producers/brands to launch their products and build their business on the French and German market. I was introduce to the brand Pukka through my old job. I really loved working with their team, the story of the company is really cool and their organic ayurvedic herbal teas are the best. I got SUPER excited when i found some of their products in WA 🙂 I splurged myself with some Pukka Love and drunk it out of a Pukka cup -> Little souvenir from my previous job!


Do you know anything about Ayurveda?


More info about Pukka Herbs and Ayurveda, here.

Good book if you wanna know more about Ayurvedic constitution, here.

Pukka’s herbal encyclopedia, here.

More info about Ecolive, here.

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