39 – Yoga community class

W39 – Yoga community class

One part of my 200h YTT was to teach 5 yoga community classes. This week I had some friends meeting me at home instead of in a park for the class. Teaching yoga to friends or family can be tricky since you have an emotional relationship to them. I suppose “we” at some point  are always worried to be judge by the one we care about.. I am not sure this is a question of asking for approval but when you put yourself out there, there are always feedback and place to learn and grow. The class went well 🙂 “C’est en forgeant, qu’on devient forgeron” -> ” Practice makes perfect” However perfection does not exist. So the more you do it, the more you feel confident and skilled doing it.


How do you feel about speaking in public?


The Samarya yoga teacher training info, here.

How to find yoga community classes in your area? Check Meet up, here.

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