40 – New passport, new name

W40 – New passport, new name

My french passport expired in August and in order to renew it, I had to go to the French embassy in San Francisco. So this is one of the fun thing i did this week… Before even being able to book the appointment at the embassy, you have to make sure that you are registered as a french citizen living abroad. Of course they ask for French updated ID’s, valid french birth certificate, green card and proof of residency, French picture ID..  I have always been pretty good at being on top of admin papers (and budget) thanks to my mum. It is definitely helpful when you deal with immigration laws in 2 different countries, 2 different languages and that you are frugal/stubborn enough to not get a lawyer. I am really happy i was able to keep my old passport. It is a huge part of our family history and my life for the past 10 years. One of the question I had before the appointment and before traveling internationally with this new passport and which i was not able to find an answer to is: ” If I am adding my married name on my passport how will that affect me going through borders/customs with a green card that just has my maiden name on it?” The girl I met with at the french embassy told me that it was better in my case to add my married name on my passport since my kid only has his father’s name on his passport and that I should make sure to bring, marriage certificate and any serious proof of relationship if i am worried about customs and mismatch names on P & GC.. I was able to get an 1pm appointment at the embassy which let me enough time to fly in the morning, take care of the papers, walked through Market St’s 2016 Prototyping Festival and up to the Alamo park, check out The Painted Ladies, have lunch watching someone play piano in the street and waste time reading/shopping in the Alexander Book Company. My flight was 2h late.. Mr H and sleeping Uly picked me up at Seatac and we made it home by 2am. So thankful for the ride home… Good and long day!


What is your favorite place in San Francisco?


Consulate general of France in San Francisco, here.

ID picture requirements, here.

More info about the Market St Prototyping Festival, here.

What are The Painted Ladies? here.

Really cool independent bookstore in SF’s Financial District, here.

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