41 – 2016 Pilchuck auction

W41 – 2016 Pilchuck auction

Date night! We were invited to the auction through a friend and dressed up for the night. The theme this year as you can see on the poster was ” Glow, illuminate the night”. My make up did the glowing part as i keep changing outfits before getting through the door.. It was nice to be there, catch up with friends and see familiar faces. The auction went well, they were able to raise over 1.1millions for Pilchuck’s educational and artistic programs. The time flew by and it was time to go. Since it was supposed to be the storm of the century in Seattle, the street were emptied. We were trying to catch a cab in Fremont (good luck with that..) to make it in time for our ferry ride home but decided to take the bus instead since we could not find any (no Uber app..). Believe me I really though we were gonna miss our ferry, but the bus driver broke a record : 15 min bus ride from Fremont to the Seattle ferry terminal 🙂 On our way home! I’m skipping the part where we were running down hill dressed up from 3rd ave to the terminal while the rain was pouring. I wish someone would of taken picture of us because that was epic!


Have you ever been to an auction gala?


What is Pilchuck? Check my post 28, here.

Video about the auction, here.

Info about 2017 summer program, here.

Info about the “storm”, here.

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