42 – Discovery park, Seattle

W42 – Discovery park, Seattle, WA

One of my favorite park in Seattle! The first walk Mr H and I did was in that park back in Feb 2007. Also known as Fort Lawton park, Discovery park is located in Magnolia, easy access when you have a car or you can take the bus 33 or 24 from DT and they will drop you of around it. Outdoor play date, walk and talk with friends and babies. We met in the south parking lot and walk toward the south beach trail down to the beach and the lighthouse. It is one of the best spot to pick up draft wood and watch summer sunset. However I can vouch only on the South part of the beach since each time I went, I never made it to the North part 🙂 Time flew by and realized that we were pretty hungry. I bribed Ulysse with a hot chocolate in order to motivate him to hike back up! We ended up having a quick lunch and took some really cute & free pumpkin patch pictures of the kids in front of our lunch spot.


The pumpkin patch pictures thing made me realized that we have not yet established family traditions, have you?


More info about Discovery Park, here.

More info about Fort Lawton, here.

Discovery Park’s trail map, here.

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