43 – Ferry Nap!

W44 – Ferry nap!

We usually spend one day/week in Seatte, which means we leave the house around 8.20am and walk a lot since i don’t want to take/pay for the car on the ferry. I LOVE walking, and for sure our son does too (for the moment). This week “Mamie J” came with us to the “big city”. We decided to walk from the Seattle ferry terminal to the Seattle center via the waterfront, Sculpture park, Elliot Bay trail and the Myrtle Edwards park. It was great day! We arrived at the Seattle Center Fountain starving.. We had some lunch and i had to go run and errand. I met with Uly and Mamie J on the waterfront to catch the 3pm ferry home. Almost 5 miles later our toddler was sleep walking πŸ™‚ Took him on my shoulders up to the ferry where he found the weirdest position to sleep in. Commuters always smile and wonder what we do to have him nap so soundproofly during our ride back home.. He walks.

PS: When we are at home we also try to be active/busy in the morning so Ulysse will take a good nap after lunch => Quiet time for me πŸ™‚


What is your go to work out?


Info about Seattle’s waterfront, here.

Info about the Sculpture Park, here.

Info about the Elliott Bay trail, here.

Info about the Seattle Center Fountain, here.

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