44 – Tarte aux poires Williams

W44 – Tarte aux poires Williams

It has been a while since i have posted anything about food.. Mostly because I feel that our outdoor adventure beat what I/we do at home on a weekly basis, also I have so much to say about food and I want to keep my posts short and blog simple with one outline of my week 🙂 Well, as most of you know, when you live on a budget or frugally, meal planning is one of your best friend. I cook everyday lunch/dinner and a couple of times a week bake bread and pastries. To be honest there is not really anything new here since I grew up in a foodie family where women and men use their kitchen, cook and sit at the table to eat lunch/dinner. However even if i was lucky enough to grow up in such a family, I never enjoyed cooking as much as I do now.. It is challenging/frustrating/rewarding for me to come up with a meal plan that is not repetitive and works for everyone (cost/quality/taste/calories). Mr H is also a foodie/great cook and brings his own coffee/lunch/snacks to work.. He needs A LOT of calories/day to keep up with what he burns while biking and blowing glass.. So I feel like it is my “job” to make sure that he is well fed and does not get too grumpy 🙂 Sometimes the baking goods are not part of the meal plan grocery list -> That pear tart with shortcrust pastry was a success story bake from scratch with what we had in our cupboards!


Do you meal plan?


Shortcrust pastry recipe in french, here.

Tarte aux poires Williams recipe in french, here.

Let me know if you need the recipes to be translated, Enjoy!

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