46 – English muffins

W46 – English Muffins

We’ve got the bread recipe down so now it is time to try new recipes for breakfast baked goods 🙂 We are still pretty much eating a “traditional French breakfast” meaning any type of bake goods (Bread, Croissant, Pancakes, Crepes…) with sweet toppings (butter, jams, peanut butter..) and a big cup of tea, coffee or milk. Not much gluten free in our house though. For that new test in our kitchen my heart swung between bagels and English muffins. I decided to try the last one since i had most of the ingredients on hands. Ulysse helped me too. We mixed all purpose flour with some wholewheat (won’t raise as much fyi while cooking) and switch shortening with salted butter. We used an empty cleaned tuna can to have these perfectly shaped muffins! Ended up baking over 30 of them and froze 1/2 of it. Yummy… Enjoy!


What do you eat for breakfast ?


The English muffin recipe, here!

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