48 – Seattle women march against hate

W48 – Seattle women march against hate

*** So many great people *** Great signs *** Inclusion *** Kids & Family ***       Carry and I have been planning on going since the results of the election and I also wanted/needed and hair cut and she was willing to try it 🙂  We schedule our quality time together around the March. She did a great job with my hair, she is not an hairstylist btw! We started the walk in Volunteer park, through Broadway and finished in Cal Anderson Park in Capital Hill. Along the walk people were singing, playing instruments from their balcony, giving free hugs, honking, waving, smiling… Definitely brought up a lot of emotions but also warmth and hope in such an unbelievable transition of power.


Have you ever march/strike for your rights? For other people rights?


More info about the Seattle women march against hate, here.

More info about Volunteer Park in Seattle, here.

More info about Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, here.

26 ways to be in the struggles beyond the street, here.

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