49 – Il a neigé!

W49 – Il a neigé!

I did not grew up in a snowy region back in France. Even if i like snow, i feel more comfortable swimming than skiing 🙂 This was our first snow on the peninsula! Ulysse’s first time really playing with snow too. It was awesome! No school on Friday so we walk down to “the hill” for an appointment at the Kitsap Community Ressource Center. Well, the community center was closed because of the weather.. I did call beforehand to see if they were closed so I was kind of annoyed at first since it felt like a waste of (my) time but got over it pretty fast as we walked through the streets watching kids having a blast with the snow. We walked home and decided to have some fun too. Did not last long outside playing since Ulysse did not have gloves on 🙂 Took the ferry afterwards and met with a friend in Seattle where the snow was already gone by the time we arrived. Big walk  on the waterfront and through Myrtle Edwards Park where we stopped to throw some rocks, crossed on the bridge over the train fret racks (one of Uly’s fav spot) and walked up to the Seattle Center and back to catch the 4.20 ferry.


Do you like snow?


More info about The Kitsap Community Ressource Center, here.

More info about the Myrtle Edwards Park, here.

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