50 – Hemming curtains…

W50 – Hemming curtains…

I have been working “sporadically” on my sewing skills the past couple of years and i am still not quite there yet 🙂 All my grandmas have been seamstresses by trade, meaning they were able to tailor and fix clothes, costumes, linens… “Mamie V” (my mum’s mum) is visiting us in January i figured out i will show her  that i did not forgot what she taught me before we left France. We bought this Singer 648 machine at Goodwill a couple month ago for $7.50 and it works! I was able to find the manual online for it. Thank you Google. I think I did a pretty good job at fixing Mr H pants and hemming the first set of curtain for Ulysse’s bedroom but I kind of messed up the second set and the only needle I had for the machine broke on me while doing it. Since we were leaving for our winter holidays the next day, I gave up the idea of finishing the curtain properly. Reminder to myself, do not attempt to rush into project at the last minute…


Are you (sometime) too ambitious despise the realistic timeline?


How to patch hole in denim jeans, here.

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