52 – Where are we?

W52 – Where are we?

I love to learn, travel, meet new people, understand, be challenged. Wanting to have less things, be/do more, cut down our daily life expenses to what is necessary to meet our travel experiences has been a big part of our life. I don’t want it all. Just being aware of what makes me/makes us happy as a family. Traveling is one of those things . The first person to comment on this post and tell me in which park in Europe was this picture taken will receive a little handmade gift from us. Bonne Année 2017!


In which city did you spend your New year evening this year?


Wanna learn how to manage your income, start saving? Check Mr Money Mustache blog, here.

Tips to travel when you have no money, here.

The Guardian article about “Traveling families and World Schooling”, here.

Inspiring senior nomads, here.

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