76 – Is she a Batchelder fireplace?

Batchelder fireplace?

W76 – Is she a Batchelder fireplace?

I watched an episode of Vintage flip on hgtv.com this week. They were flipping/renovating an older house in which they decided to add a reproduction of a Batchelder fireplace. Arnold Batchleder was an american artist of the art and craft movement in the 1920’s before the great depression. He started is own handmade/high end tiles production for fireplace, kitchen, fountain.. I don’t know much about fireplace tiles but the pictures shown during the Vintage Flip episode enlightened me. In fact we have a pretty big centerpiece fireplace in our house that look like something Mr Batchelder would of produce at the time. After doing some researches on the web, it seems that the dates, location and the style of our house “revival tudor” carry the clues of such a fireplace.. I will still contact the tile restoration center just to be sure. Not that i want to take down these tiles to sell them individually on ebay but I love learning more and more about our historical brick house.

J’ai regardé sur un épisode de Vintage Flip sur hgtv.com cette semaine. Il rénovait une maison en Californie dans laquelle il voulait construire une reproduction de cheminée Batchelder. Arnold Batchleder était un artist américain qui s’est fait connaître rapidemment dans le mouvement américain “Arts and Crafts” des années 1920 avant la grande dépression. Il avait lancé sa propre production de carreaux/carrelage de contour de cheminée, cuisine, fountaine..  J’y connais rien en carrelage de contour de cheminée mais les photos montrées lors de l’épisode Vintage flip m’ont interpellées car elles ressemblaient beaucoup à celle qui trône dans notre salon (photo ci dessus). J’ai fait quelques recherches sur internet, les dates, la zone géographique et le style “Revival Tudor” de notre maison correspondent à cette trouvaille… Je vais tout de même contacter le centre de restoration pour valider. Je ne compte pas démanteler notre cheminée pour vendre les carreaux à l’unité sur Ebay mais je trouve cela génial d’en apprendre plus sur notre vieille maison en briques.


Any big discovery for you this week? Une bonne découverte pour vous cette semaine?


More info about Ernest Batchelder, ici.

Informative article about Batchelder fireplace in the Seattle area, ici

The tile restoration center if you need confirmation, ici.

Updates!! After contacting the tile restoration center, It look likes relief tiles were made by the Claycraft Potteries company, which was a contemporary of Batchelder’s in Los Angeles. The field tiles is from an other company, Steve from the TLC thinks it might be Hamilton. No luck about Batchlender but still pretty happy to know more about our fireplace 🙂

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59 – Big Belly

W59 – Big Belly

Notre prochaine aventure! Nous venons de partager la nouvelle sur la toile (Facebook). Ulysse sera grand frère au mois d’Avril 2017. La grossesse se passe bien, je suis enceinte depuis le début de S31 (W31 – Crabbing) et ne nous souhaitons pas connaitre le sexe du bébé. Mon suivi de grossesse est effectué par les sages femmes de la maison de naissance dans laquelle je souhaite accoucher. Les six derniers mois j’ai eu 2 prises de sang et une échographie, tout roule! Mes résultats de prise de sang et ma tension sont exemplaires apparement 🙂 Mr H et moi venons de commencer un stage de préparation à la naissance avec hypnose. Je pense qu’entre cette formation, ma pratique du yoga et l’expérience de la naissance d’Ulysse je suis équipée pour accoucher naturellement sans péridural et de manière calme, sereine et comfortable… Je vous tient au jus!

This is our next adventure! We just shared the big news with our friends and family on Facebook. Ulysse is going to be a big brother in April 2017. The pregnancy is going well, we are pregnant since W31 – Crabbing and we do not want to know the sex of the baby. My prenatal care has been done by the midwives from the Salmonberry birth Center, where we want to give birth. the last six month I’ve had 2 blood withdrawals and one ultrasound! All my results are really good 🙂 Mr H and I just started an Hypnobirthing class in Seattle. I think that between this class, my yoga practice and the experience of Ulysse’s birth we are set up to for calm and relaxing birth experience… I will keep you in the loop!


What is the best memory of your pregnancy(ies)? Quel est le meilleur souvenir de votre/vos grossesse(s)


More info about the Salmonberry birth center, ici.

More info about the hypno-birthing class, ici.

My favorite book about birth, ici.

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49 – Il a neigé!

W49 – Il a neigé!

I did not grew up in a snowy region back in France. Even if i like snow, i feel more comfortable swimming than skiing 🙂 This was our first snow on the peninsula! Ulysse’s first time really playing with snow too. It was awesome! No school on Friday so we walk down to “the hill” for an appointment at the Kitsap Community Ressource Center. Well, the community center was closed because of the weather.. I did call beforehand to see if they were closed so I was kind of annoyed at first since it felt like a waste of (my) time but got over it pretty fast as we walked through the streets watching kids having a blast with the snow. We walked home and decided to have some fun too. Did not last long outside playing since Ulysse did not have gloves on 🙂 Took the ferry afterwards and met with a friend in Seattle where the snow was already gone by the time we arrived. Big walk  on the waterfront and through Myrtle Edwards Park where we stopped to throw some rocks, crossed on the bridge over the train fret racks (one of Uly’s fav spot) and walked up to the Seattle Center and back to catch the 4.20 ferry.


Do you like snow?


More info about The Kitsap Community Ressource Center, here.

More info about the Myrtle Edwards Park, here.

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47 – Painting time!

W47 – Painting time!

As winter approach we have been spending less time outside and rotating indoor activities like drawing, painting, puzzles, playdough, dancing, singing and listening to music. Our son loves writing his letters over and over and they usually end up in a mix media collage. He is starting “to be willing” to color inside the lines of coloring sheet  but most of the time the drawing/painting all over the paper/cardboard takes over! He is really productive when it comes to drawing/painting, I have been good at upcycling most of the support he/we uses for creativity. Some of his drawings are really cool, non objectively => He is my son 🙂 and I was wondering..


Did you or do you have a system in place to keep your kids creations over the year that does not involve paying for storage?!


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39 – Yoga community class

W39 – Yoga community class

One part of my 200h YTT was to teach 5 yoga community classes. This week I had some friends meeting me at home instead of in a park for the class. Teaching yoga to friends or family can be tricky since you have an emotional relationship to them. I suppose “we” at some point  are always worried to be judge by the one we care about.. I am not sure this is a question of asking for approval but when you put yourself out there, there are always feedback and place to learn and grow. The class went well 🙂 “C’est en forgeant, qu’on devient forgeron” -> ” Practice makes perfect” However perfection does not exist. So the more you do it, the more you feel confident and skilled doing it.


How do you feel about speaking in public?


The Samarya yoga teacher training info, here.

How to find yoga community classes in your area? Check Meet up, here.

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32 – I can’t choose..


W32 – I can’t choose..

I don’t know what is my favorite souvenir of the week. All of it! I can’t choose, I don’t want to chose, I loved all of them for different reasons.. Trip to the aquarium and the chalk street art in Seattle’s waterfront (#lightupthegrid), our day trip to Hurricane ridge (Ulysse did amazing!), my first yoga community class in Seattle’s Pratt Park and our family Sunday at Scenic beach.. Loving the summer!


What about choices? Do you feel you have the choice to live the life you want or do you feel stuck in the life you have?


More info about art on Seattle’s waterfront, here.

More info about Hurricane ridge (Olympic National Park, Wa), here.

Hurricane ridge brochure/map, here.

What/where is the Pratt Park? Check my 01 – Bittersweet love post

What/where is Scenic Beach? Check the post 29 – Scenic Beach!

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13 – Olympic peninsula mountain sunset


W13 – Feeling lucky,

To live such in a beautiful state, place. As much as we can miss our life in France or Seattle. Nothing can replace the beauty of the land/water here, living in the middle of the Puget Sound with the Olympic Mountains on one side and the Cascades/Mount Rainier on the other. Don’t get me wrong this is not the view from our house! But we drive by it everyday and i don’t get tired of it 🙂 My second favorite road (now) to drive on is “La levée de la divatte” it is located in France on the edge of “La Loire” between “La Chapelle Basse Mer” and “Saint Sébastien”. I remember when I learn to drive at 16yo, i was scared to take it. Interesting how something scary can become a favorite and reassuring with the time..


What is your favorite daily road to drive/bike/walk on and why?


Where was this photo taken? Here

Learn more about “La levée de la divatte” here.

Learn more about “La Loire” here.

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