73 – Thinning corn seedlings

Corn from seeds

W73 – Thinning corn seedlings / Eclaircissage des pieds de maïs

Cette semaine nous avons passé beacoup de temps dans le jardin. Comme j’ai pu le mentionner dans l’article: 68 – Potager!! nous avons commencé à jardiner mi Avril et notre potager commence à avoir de l’allure. Le soleil aidant, les semis ont pris et même plus que prévu.. On s’est retrouvé avec 49 pieds de maïs sur un peu plus de 2m de long de potager carré! Il était temps d’éclaircir tout cela afin de garder les meilleurs pieds. C’est notre première année de potager donc tout est dans l’expérimentation et l’apprentissage.  J’ai donc éclairci/coupé/jeté 10 pieds qui étaient collés les uns aux autres (photo 1) et éclairci/déraciné, 24 autres (photo 2) que Mr H s’est chargé de repiquer devant la maison. Nous avons gardé dans notre potager carré une ligne avec 15 pousses de maïs espacés en moyenne de 10/15cm (photo 3). D’après ce que j’ai compris le pieds de maïs est assez difficle à polliniser quand on a qu’une seule ligne.. On verra donc ce que donne notre récolte!

This week we spent a lot of time outside in the garden. As mentioned in the previous post: 68 – Potager!! we started gardening mid April and our vegetable garden starts to look great. With the help of the sun all the seeds planted gave a lot of beautiful seedlings, even more than what we expected.. As an example we ended up with 49 corn seedlings on one row of 7′ raised bed! It was time to thin them in order to keep them growing. It is our first year doing a vegetable garden so we are experimenting and learning as we go 🙂 I thinned/cut/threw away 10 seedlings which were kind of glued to each others (pic 1) and thinned/uprooted 24 others(pic 2), Mr H decided to transplant them in front of our house. We kept in our raised bed 15 corn seedlings with an average of 6″ spacing between them (pic 3). From what i understand corn is pretty difficult to pollinate when you just have one row of them.. We’ll keep you updated when it is time to harvest!


Do you have any tips on how to grow corn in raised bed? / Avez vous des astuces à nous donner sur le maïs dans notre potager carré?


Info sur la plantation de maïs, ici.

Video on how to thin corn, ici.

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17 – Illahee, WA State Park


W17 – Illahee State Park, WA

It is good to be back home with my family. We went to one of our favorite state park in Bremerton this week, Illahee which means earth/country in native american. Beautiful hike/walk down the stairs in the forest from the upper parking lot (260 steps back and forth). Ulysse loves to throw rocks in the water and Mr H and I enjoyed the sun and watched a couple of seals playing around in the water. ❤ Family time outside. If you plan to spend time in WA and you want to enjoy the state parks (154 available) get yourself an annual discover pass!


What is the wildest animal you have observed/watched in his natural habitat?


What can you do at Illahee State Park? Here

The map of the park, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

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