74 – Gallery openings!

Art opening Seattle

W74 – Gallery openings!

Okay, so last week was Theo’s first Thursday art walk in Seattle. We met Hugh in downtown for our little tour : 3 Gallery openings, a lot of beautiful glass, friends. 2 Adults + 2 kids. Lets just say that Ulysse was happier in the street looking at cars than inside looking at art 🙂 Walking through Occidental park artist/craft market in Pionner square was neat as Pratt set up a live blacksmith station. Pic taken while waiting for the ferry on our way back home at 7.55pm. The light is perfect. Help quiet my mind and bring me some peace after a busy day ❤

La semaine dernière s’était la première sortie de Théo à Seattle pour le premier jeudi du mois = inauguration de nouvelles exposition d’art. On a retrouvé Hugh dans le centre, pour notre petit tour: 3 galleries, beaucoup de magnifiques pièces et des amis. 2 Adultes + 2 enfants. Ulysse préfères définitivement être dans la rue à regarder les voitures qu’à l’intérieur à regarder des sculptures 🙂 Nous avons traversé le marché des artistes dans Occidental park à Pionner square et apperçut/entendu la démo live de l’équipe de Pratt utilisant la forge pour sculpter le métal. Cette photo était prise lorsque l’on attendait le ferry à 7.55pm pour notre retour à la maison. La lumiere est parfaite. Repose mes yeux et mon esprit ❤


Would you take your kids to art openings? Emmeneriez vous vos enfants à des inaugurations d’exposition art?


More info about the artists:

Austin Stern, ici.

Ethan Stern, ici.

Danny White & Megan Stelljes, ici.

Pratt, ici.

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49 – Il a neigé!

W49 – Il a neigé!

I did not grew up in a snowy region back in France. Even if i like snow, i feel more comfortable swimming than skiing 🙂 This was our first snow on the peninsula! Ulysse’s first time really playing with snow too. It was awesome! No school on Friday so we walk down to “the hill” for an appointment at the Kitsap Community Ressource Center. Well, the community center was closed because of the weather.. I did call beforehand to see if they were closed so I was kind of annoyed at first since it felt like a waste of (my) time but got over it pretty fast as we walked through the streets watching kids having a blast with the snow. We walked home and decided to have some fun too. Did not last long outside playing since Ulysse did not have gloves on 🙂 Took the ferry afterwards and met with a friend in Seattle where the snow was already gone by the time we arrived. Big walk  on the waterfront and through Myrtle Edwards Park where we stopped to throw some rocks, crossed on the bridge over the train fret racks (one of Uly’s fav spot) and walked up to the Seattle Center and back to catch the 4.20 ferry.


Do you like snow?


More info about The Kitsap Community Ressource Center, here.

More info about the Myrtle Edwards Park, here.

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43 – Ferry Nap!

W44 – Ferry nap!

We usually spend one day/week in Seatte, which means we leave the house around 8.20am and walk a lot since i don’t want to take/pay for the car on the ferry. I LOVE walking, and for sure our son does too (for the moment). This week “Mamie J” came with us to the “big city”. We decided to walk from the Seattle ferry terminal to the Seattle center via the waterfront, Sculpture park, Elliot Bay trail and the Myrtle Edwards park. It was great day! We arrived at the Seattle Center Fountain starving.. We had some lunch and i had to go run and errand. I met with Uly and Mamie J on the waterfront to catch the 3pm ferry home. Almost 5 miles later our toddler was sleep walking 🙂 Took him on my shoulders up to the ferry where he found the weirdest position to sleep in. Commuters always smile and wonder what we do to have him nap so soundproofly during our ride back home.. He walks.

PS: When we are at home we also try to be active/busy in the morning so Ulysse will take a good nap after lunch => Quiet time for me 🙂


What is your go to work out?


Info about Seattle’s waterfront, here.

Info about the Sculpture Park, here.

Info about the Elliott Bay trail, here.

Info about the Seattle Center Fountain, here.

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19 – Orange and black caterpillar


W19 – Orange and black caterpillar

That was super cool. Really really pretty caterpillar on the concrete stairs going up to the ferry terminal. We watched him for 5min before realizing that we needed to get up in  order to catch our boat 🙂 I am not especially a bug person but i love colors and patterns and geometry… Well maybe i am a bug person without really knowing it! I have tried raising worms when i was a kid, it think my brother had an ant farm at some point too. Not patient at the time to enough to observe and see.. maybe I’ll try again with Ulysse!


Have you ever had bugs as pet when you were a kid?


What type of caterpillar is it? Here!

Bug museum on the Kitsap peninsula. Here

Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle. Here

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18 – First Thursday Art Walk



W18 – First Thursday Art Walk

We usually try to have our “monthly” date night on the First Thursday in Seattle, and this month was a win. Since Mr H works in Belltown we meet either at the Seattle Art Museum (free admission on 1rst Thursday) or at Vetri. Not that we can afford any of the pieces we usually look at! Walking around art galleries is free and something that we both enjoy doing. Depending on the openings, we stay in DT or walk down Pionner square and meet with friends for drinks. Quick dinner (pho) and we are back on the ferry to go home. We took Ulysse with us more than once! However, even if he is well behave, I am still scared he will knock something over.. Lucky us, mamie J is usually ok to babysit on those nights!

PS: The picture was taken when we were just on the ferry leaving Seattle -> Sunset on the Olympic and Puget Sound ❤


What is your favorite art media?


Check the art openings in Seattle – here

Seattle Art Museum – here

Vetri – here

Travers Gallery – here

Abmeyer+Wood Fine Art – here

Pionner square’s galleries – here

Glass house – here

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00 – Olympic Mountains View


W00 – this is where 2016 started for us.

Ferry ride from West Seattle to Vashon Island for the first day of the year. Gorgeous view, cold and sunny weather, Skype with family in France pour “la bonne année” was a bonus!

Happy new year!


Where were you on January 1st 2016?


Info about Vashon’s ferry schedule here

Info about Vashon Island here

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