59 – Big Belly

W59 – Big Belly

Notre prochaine aventure! Nous venons de partager la nouvelle sur la toile (Facebook). Ulysse sera grand frère au mois d’Avril 2017. La grossesse se passe bien, je suis enceinte depuis le début de S31 (W31 – Crabbing) et ne nous souhaitons pas connaitre le sexe du bébé. Mon suivi de grossesse est effectué par les sages femmes de la maison de naissance dans laquelle je souhaite accoucher. Les six derniers mois j’ai eu 2 prises de sang et une échographie, tout roule! Mes résultats de prise de sang et ma tension sont exemplaires apparement 🙂 Mr H et moi venons de commencer un stage de préparation à la naissance avec hypnose. Je pense qu’entre cette formation, ma pratique du yoga et l’expérience de la naissance d’Ulysse je suis équipée pour accoucher naturellement sans péridural et de manière calme, sereine et comfortable… Je vous tient au jus!

This is our next adventure! We just shared the big news with our friends and family on Facebook. Ulysse is going to be a big brother in April 2017. The pregnancy is going well, we are pregnant since W31 – Crabbing and we do not want to know the sex of the baby. My prenatal care has been done by the midwives from the Salmonberry birth Center, where we want to give birth. the last six month I’ve had 2 blood withdrawals and one ultrasound! All my results are really good 🙂 Mr H and I just started an Hypnobirthing class in Seattle. I think that between this class, my yoga practice and the experience of Ulysse’s birth we are set up to for calm and relaxing birth experience… I will keep you in the loop!


What is the best memory of your pregnancy(ies)? Quel est le meilleur souvenir de votre/vos grossesse(s)


More info about the Salmonberry birth center, ici.

More info about the hypno-birthing class, ici.

My favorite book about birth, ici.

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55 – Seattle Womxns March

W55 – Seattle Womxns March

Comme vous avez pu le voir dans mes articles précédents (45 – Chute libre et 48 – Seattle women’s march against hate) je ne suis pas très contente que DT soit le nouveau président américain. En tant que bonne Française (avec moins de 5 manifestations à mon actif..) j’ai entrainé Mr H, Ulysse, ma grand mère de 80 ans dans les rues de Seattle pour communiquer notre mécontentement contre ce nouveau gouvernement . C’etait magique, plus de 175 000 personnes ont marché ensemble, beaucoup de familles avec enfants, grands parents, des personnes en fauteuils roulant et aucune violence. Comme pour beaucoup d’Américains c’était la première fois de sa vie que ma grand mère participait à une manifestation ❤

As you might have seen in my previous posts (45 – Chute libre et 48 – Seattle women’s march against hate) I am/We are not really happy about the results of the american elections. As a good french citizen (with less than 5 protests in my background..) i took my family to the Seattle Womxns March on January 21st. So Mr H, Ulysse and my 80 years old grandma and myself marched with others who came from near and far to communicate our discontentment with the new government. It was magical, over 175 000 people, families with kids, grandparents, disabled people.. walked together peacefully. As for a lot of Americans that day was the first time that my french grandma was part of a march ❤


Ou étiez vous le 21 Janvier 2017 ? Where were you on January 21st?


Mission & vison of the Women’s March, here.

Aerial video of the March, here!

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53 – Nantes

W53 – Nantes

Nous sommes de retour à Nantes pour quelques jours. Le temps de faire un bisou à la famille, aux amis et de se promener dans notre ancien quartier;  La butte Saint Anne.  Un arrêt sur image lors de notre départ : Le musée Jules Verne, la statue de Saint Anne bénissant la Loire et ses marins, la grue Titan grise apparaisant dans le brouillard dominical et matinale Nantais.

We are back in my hometown, Nantes for a couple of days. Just enough time for us to say hi, give kisses & hugs to friends, family and go walk around our old neighborhood; La butte Saint Anne. As we were leaving we decided to stop the car and take this lovely shot: The Jules Verne’s museum, the Statue of Saint Anne blessing the Loire and her sailors and the Grey titan crane landmark appearing through the morning mist.


Have you visited Nantes? Etes vous déjà allé à Nantes?


You can learn more about the city, here.

Who was Jules Verne? Here.

Great walk around La butte Saint Anne, here.

Great pizzeria in the neighborhood, here.

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44 – Tarte aux poires Williams

W44 – Tarte aux poires Williams

It has been a while since i have posted anything about food.. Mostly because I feel that our outdoor adventure beat what I/we do at home on a weekly basis, also I have so much to say about food and I want to keep my posts short and blog simple with one outline of my week 🙂 Well, as most of you know, when you live on a budget or frugally, meal planning is one of your best friend. I cook everyday lunch/dinner and a couple of times a week bake bread and pastries. To be honest there is not really anything new here since I grew up in a foodie family where women and men use their kitchen, cook and sit at the table to eat lunch/dinner. However even if i was lucky enough to grow up in such a family, I never enjoyed cooking as much as I do now.. It is challenging/frustrating/rewarding for me to come up with a meal plan that is not repetitive and works for everyone (cost/quality/taste/calories). Mr H is also a foodie/great cook and brings his own coffee/lunch/snacks to work.. He needs A LOT of calories/day to keep up with what he burns while biking and blowing glass.. So I feel like it is my “job” to make sure that he is well fed and does not get too grumpy 🙂 Sometimes the baking goods are not part of the meal plan grocery list -> That pear tart with shortcrust pastry was a success story bake from scratch with what we had in our cupboards!


Do you meal plan?


Shortcrust pastry recipe in french, here.

Tarte aux poires Williams recipe in french, here.

Let me know if you need the recipes to be translated, Enjoy!

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41 – 2016 Pilchuck auction

W41 – 2016 Pilchuck auction

Date night! We were invited to the auction through a friend and dressed up for the night. The theme this year as you can see on the poster was ” Glow, illuminate the night”. My make up did the glowing part as i keep changing outfits before getting through the door.. It was nice to be there, catch up with friends and see familiar faces. The auction went well, they were able to raise over 1.1millions for Pilchuck’s educational and artistic programs. The time flew by and it was time to go. Since it was supposed to be the storm of the century in Seattle, the street were emptied. We were trying to catch a cab in Fremont (good luck with that..) to make it in time for our ferry ride home but decided to take the bus instead since we could not find any (no Uber app..). Believe me I really though we were gonna miss our ferry, but the bus driver broke a record : 15 min bus ride from Fremont to the Seattle ferry terminal 🙂 On our way home! I’m skipping the part where we were running down hill dressed up from 3rd ave to the terminal while the rain was pouring. I wish someone would of taken picture of us because that was epic!


Have you ever been to an auction gala?


What is Pilchuck? Check my post 28, here.

Video about the auction, here.

Info about 2017 summer program, here.

Info about the “storm”, here.

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40 – New passport, new name

W40 – New passport, new name

My french passport expired in August and in order to renew it, I had to go to the French embassy in San Francisco. So this is one of the fun thing i did this week… Before even being able to book the appointment at the embassy, you have to make sure that you are registered as a french citizen living abroad. Of course they ask for French updated ID’s, valid french birth certificate, green card and proof of residency, French picture ID..  I have always been pretty good at being on top of admin papers (and budget) thanks to my mum. It is definitely helpful when you deal with immigration laws in 2 different countries, 2 different languages and that you are frugal/stubborn enough to not get a lawyer. I am really happy i was able to keep my old passport. It is a huge part of our family history and my life for the past 10 years. One of the question I had before the appointment and before traveling internationally with this new passport and which i was not able to find an answer to is: ” If I am adding my married name on my passport how will that affect me going through borders/customs with a green card that just has my maiden name on it?” The girl I met with at the french embassy told me that it was better in my case to add my married name on my passport since my kid only has his father’s name on his passport and that I should make sure to bring, marriage certificate and any serious proof of relationship if i am worried about customs and mismatch names on P & GC.. I was able to get an 1pm appointment at the embassy which let me enough time to fly in the morning, take care of the papers, walked through Market St’s 2016 Prototyping Festival and up to the Alamo park, check out The Painted Ladies, have lunch watching someone play piano in the street and waste time reading/shopping in the Alexander Book Company. My flight was 2h late.. Mr H and sleeping Uly picked me up at Seatac and we made it home by 2am. So thankful for the ride home… Good and long day!


What is your favorite place in San Francisco?


Consulate general of France in San Francisco, here.

ID picture requirements, here.

More info about the Market St Prototyping Festival, here.

What are The Painted Ladies? here.

Really cool independent bookstore in SF’s Financial District, here.

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39 – Yoga community class

W39 – Yoga community class

One part of my 200h YTT was to teach 5 yoga community classes. This week I had some friends meeting me at home instead of in a park for the class. Teaching yoga to friends or family can be tricky since you have an emotional relationship to them. I suppose “we” at some point  are always worried to be judge by the one we care about.. I am not sure this is a question of asking for approval but when you put yourself out there, there are always feedback and place to learn and grow. The class went well 🙂 “C’est en forgeant, qu’on devient forgeron” -> ” Practice makes perfect” However perfection does not exist. So the more you do it, the more you feel confident and skilled doing it.


How do you feel about speaking in public?


The Samarya yoga teacher training info, here.

How to find yoga community classes in your area? Check Meet up, here.

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