72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

W72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

Après un automne/hiver ultra pluvieux battant tout les records météorologique de la région, la pluie s’est arrêtée plus 24h. Le soleil brille, reboostant mon état d’esprit et réchauffant nos coeurs. Grosse promenade matinale au sentier de Clear creek à Silverdale. J’ai pu jouer avec Ulysse = > courrir, sauter faire les idiots… La grossesse et la naissance de Théo a réduit les moments privilégiés de tête à tête avec mon ainé et cela se voit dans nos intéractions, il me manque, on se manque. Théodore quand à lui profitait de la ballade dans la poussette avec Mamie J 🙂

5 choses pour lesquelles je suis reconnaissante aujourd’hui : Soleil, Carrie, Etre seule dans un café pendant 2h = Mr H, Réfléchir, Ecrire

The rain finally stopped for more than 24h! The past Autumn/Winter season has been the most wet in the region since 1895. The sun is finally shining boosting my mental health and warming up our hearts. We went for a big morning walk at the Clear creek trail in Silverdale. I played with Ulysse -> Run, jump, be silly… The pregnancy and Theo’s birth reduced the quality time we used to spent together and it shows up in our behavior I miss him, we miss each other. Theodore was enjoying the trail from his stroller with Mamie J 🙂

5 things I am thankful for today : Sun, Carrie, Be alone in a coffee shop for 2 hours = Mr H, Reflection, Writing


What are you thankful for today? / De quoi êtes vous reconnaissant aujourd’hui ?


Info about Clear creek trail, ici

Info about Seattle’s rain records, ici

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36 – Portland bound!


W36 – Portland bound!

I love Dahlias and took this pic in front of The London Plane shop in Pionner Square as i was on my way to catch the bus. Going to Portland this weekend for the last workshop of my 200h YTT with the Samarya: Yoga & Social Change of at Unfold Yoga Studio.  The weather was amazing. I caught a Bolt Bus in Seattle on my way in and the Amtrak on my way back, I walked a bunch, stayed in a bunked bed hotel and caught up with Eryn and met really nice people. The workshop was interesting and challenging 🙂


Where is the weirdest place you have slept overnight?


More info about the workshop, here.

More info about Unfold yoga studio, here.

More info about the Bolt Bus (pretty cheap!), here.

More info about the Amtrak (not as fast as the bus), here.

More info about the bunked bed hotel, here.

More info about The London Plane restaurant/bakery/flower shop, here.

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29 – Scenic Beach, WA State Park


W29 – Scenic Beach, WA State Park

Greg is in town! We worked together 9 years ago at a French bakery he was the general manager and i was brought in as a project manager. He is one of my favorite person to chat and work with! Super excited to have him over for dinner since he now lives in Paris with his wife, Mary and 3 kids ❤ We went to my favorite park in B’town : Scenic Beach. Beautiful clear water and gorgeous view of the Olympics. Ulysse spent an hour throwing rocks 🙂


Is connecting with long time no see friends easy for you?


What can you do at Scenic Beach Park? Here

The map of the park, here.

Really Yummy Pizza in Seabeck, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

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26 – Hike it baby!


W26 – Hike it baby!

After 4 month in our new home, we have been busy bees but we have not met new friends to playdates with yet. So after seeing a poster add for Hike it baby when we were at the Silverdale waterfront park i decided to give it a shot. Pretty easy to log in and to find the Facebook page access for Kitsap Peninsula. Our first walk with Melissa was great, we met at Bremerton’s YMCA playground by the skatepark. We were 5 mums (i think) and planned to have bubbles, chalks and snacks for the kids. We walked around for a bit too 🙂 It is definitely something that I would like to do more often if our schedule fits the planned hikes which are held by volunteer mums!


How would you like spend more time outside?


Info about the Silverdale Waterfront Park, here.

Info about Hike it Baby, here.

Info about Hike it Baby Kitspa Peninsula, here.

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10 – Jet lag


W10 – Home sweet home

20h of traveling we are back in the PNW with our cat Leia..

After living for 6 month at my in laws, we finally found a house that meet our needs and finances 🙂 Mr H is done busing 3h every day, he will be taking the ferry instead! You know I want to focus on the brighter things of our life with this blog, however moving from one country to the other, connecting, settling, adjusting, taking care of Ulysse and somehow focusing on myself.. Well, it has been good and challenging.. We had our ups and downs but we feel so fortunate to have family and friends to be there for us. Being able to live the life we want is awesome but everything takes work and patience.

Let’s keep it up!!


What is the biggest project you ever took on and you are the most proud of?


Info about the Kitsap peninsula here

Info about Jenny our fantastic realter/broker here

Info concernant le transport animalier aux USA here

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09 – Noirmoutier Island


W09 – Weekend entre filles à Noirmoutier

We are in France until next week and as usual we are trying to see and spend time with family and friends as much as we can. Ulysse is off with papy and mamie and I got to spend the weekend with 4 of my girlfriends. How was our quality time? What did we do together? We walked, talked, laugh cooked dinner, ate, drunk, talked, walked in the cold, went dancing, slept, sober up, run, cooked brunch, ate, walk, read, spent time on the beach shared memories and cleaned the house! It was a great weekend filled with Friends, Food and Fun.

PS: I would love to retire in a place like this. The old couple drawing on the beach  ❤


Do you go the extra mile to connect with friends you have not seen in a while?


Info about Noirmoutier Island here

Noirmoutier Island’s website here

Local yumminess : Sea salt butter, Oyster farm, Brioche Bonin, NO Mad coffee

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