75 – Hidden message

74 - Hidden message

W75 – Hidden message

Nous avons fêté nos 9 ans de mariage la semaine dernière. Pas de dépenses excessives. Mr H m’a surprise avec un message à la craie sur le sol de l’atelier pendant le live de la résidence artistique d’Austin Stern avec lequel il travaillait au musée du verre à Tacoma. De mon côté je lui ai mis en place son nouveau site internet pour qu’il puisse mettre à jour son travail plus facilement. Le soir s’était barbec chez les voisins!

We had our 9 year anniversary this week. No crazy expenses just thoughtful little gestures (in my opinion). Mr H surprised me with a chalk message on the floor of Tacoma’s glass museum studio while working for Austin during his residency. On my side i spend some time setting up Mr H new website so he could update and add his work in a more intuitive way. Spent the evening with the neighbors for a BBQ!


What is the most thoughtful gift you received in your life? Quel est le cadeau le plus attentionné que vous ayez reçu dans votre vie?


Info about Austin Stern, ici.

Info about Tacoma glass museum, ici.

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73 – Thinning corn seedlings

Corn from seeds

W73 – Thinning corn seedlings / Eclaircissage des pieds de maïs

Cette semaine nous avons passé beacoup de temps dans le jardin. Comme j’ai pu le mentionner dans l’article: 68 – Potager!! nous avons commencé à jardiner mi Avril et notre potager commence à avoir de l’allure. Le soleil aidant, les semis ont pris et même plus que prévu.. On s’est retrouvé avec 49 pieds de maïs sur un peu plus de 2m de long de potager carré! Il était temps d’éclaircir tout cela afin de garder les meilleurs pieds. C’est notre première année de potager donc tout est dans l’expérimentation et l’apprentissage.  J’ai donc éclairci/coupé/jeté 10 pieds qui étaient collés les uns aux autres (photo 1) et éclairci/déraciné, 24 autres (photo 2) que Mr H s’est chargé de repiquer devant la maison. Nous avons gardé dans notre potager carré une ligne avec 15 pousses de maïs espacés en moyenne de 10/15cm (photo 3). D’après ce que j’ai compris le pieds de maïs est assez difficle à polliniser quand on a qu’une seule ligne.. On verra donc ce que donne notre récolte!

This week we spent a lot of time outside in the garden. As mentioned in the previous post: 68 – Potager!! we started gardening mid April and our vegetable garden starts to look great. With the help of the sun all the seeds planted gave a lot of beautiful seedlings, even more than what we expected.. As an example we ended up with 49 corn seedlings on one row of 7′ raised bed! It was time to thin them in order to keep them growing. It is our first year doing a vegetable garden so we are experimenting and learning as we go 🙂 I thinned/cut/threw away 10 seedlings which were kind of glued to each others (pic 1) and thinned/uprooted 24 others(pic 2), Mr H decided to transplant them in front of our house. We kept in our raised bed 15 corn seedlings with an average of 6″ spacing between them (pic 3). From what i understand corn is pretty difficult to pollinate when you just have one row of them.. We’ll keep you updated when it is time to harvest!


Do you have any tips on how to grow corn in raised bed? / Avez vous des astuces à nous donner sur le maïs dans notre potager carré?


Info sur la plantation de maïs, ici.

Video on how to thin corn, ici.

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71 – Feeling blue with bright kids

W71 – Feeling blue with bright kids

La semaine dernière, le verre était à moitié vide.. Grosse grosse crève, grosse fatigue, grosse déprime, gros problèmes de communication…

Last week the cup was half empty.. Pretty sick, no energy, depressed and a lot of miscommunication…


What did you do for Mother’s day?/Qu’avez vous fait pour la fête des mères?


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56 – Port Townsend rocks!

W56 – Port Townsend rocks!

C’était notre dernier weekend avec “Grand Mamie” avant qu’elle prenne l’avion pour rentrer en France. Nous avons décidé d’aller faire un tour à Port Townsend qui est à 1 heure de la maison au Nord de la péninsule. C’est une très belle petite ville assez touristique à l’architecture principalement victorienne dépaysement assuré! Quand le ciel est découvert on peut facilement admirer du bord de mer, la chaine des Olympiques d’un côté et la chaine des cascades et le Mont Baker de l’autre. Lors de notre promenade sur la Marina et dans le bourg Ulysse à trouvé deux beaux galets peints et cachés par des artistes locaux 🙂 #PortTownsendRocks

That was our last weekend with great grandma before she takes her plane back to France. So we decided to show her Port Townsend which his an 1 hour north away from home. Beautiful touristic little town known for her Victorian’s architecture. When the sky is blue you can enjoy from the beach The Olympic range on one side, The Cascades with the Mount Baker on the other side. We were walking along the marina and in Downtown when Ulysse found a couple of rocks hidden and painted by local artists 🙂 #PortTownsendRocks


Have you ever find hidden painted rocks around your city? Avez-vous déjà trouvé des galets peints et cachés dans votre ville?


More info about Port Townsend, ici.

More info about Port Townsend Rocks, ici.

Really Yummy pizza place! ici.

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52 – Where are we?

W52 – Where are we?

I love to learn, travel, meet new people, understand, be challenged. Wanting to have less things, be/do more, cut down our daily life expenses to what is necessary to meet our travel experiences has been a big part of our life. I don’t want it all. Just being aware of what makes me/makes us happy as a family. Traveling is one of those things . The first person to comment on this post and tell me in which park in Europe was this picture taken will receive a little handmade gift from us. Bonne Année 2017!


In which city did you spend your New year evening this year?


Wanna learn how to manage your income, start saving? Check Mr Money Mustache blog, here.

Tips to travel when you have no money, here.

The Guardian article about “Traveling families and World Schooling”, here.

Inspiring senior nomads, here.

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51- Flying!

W51 – Flying!

Excited to visit family for Christmas. It was the first time we were traveling right before Christmas and logistically pretty sure it was the last time.. It was also Mr H first time in the plane with his son. Ulysse did good, me not really.. I became really annoyed at the plane attendants because they did not get their story straight and did not told us right away what was happening when we got stuck on the tarmac for an hour..  waiting for the passengers from an other plane that was late. We missed our next connection.. The good news is that we finally made it in time for Christmas, the bad news is that Ulysse got the flu and we ended up all being sick in bed for the next 3 days! I am pretty sure that was our worst traveling experience but we did learn a lot and spent quality time en famille,  Joyeux Noël !!


In one word how will you describe your Christmas this year?


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50 – Hemming curtains…

W50 – Hemming curtains…

I have been working “sporadically” on my sewing skills the past couple of years and i am still not quite there yet 🙂 All my grandmas have been seamstresses by trade, meaning they were able to tailor and fix clothes, costumes, linens… “Mamie V” (my mum’s mum) is visiting us in January i figured out i will show her  that i did not forgot what she taught me before we left France. We bought this Singer 648 machine at Goodwill a couple month ago for $7.50 and it works! I was able to find the manual online for it. Thank you Google. I think I did a pretty good job at fixing Mr H pants and hemming the first set of curtain for Ulysse’s bedroom but I kind of messed up the second set and the only needle I had for the machine broke on me while doing it. Since we were leaving for our winter holidays the next day, I gave up the idea of finishing the curtain properly. Reminder to myself, do not attempt to rush into project at the last minute…


Are you (sometime) too ambitious despise the realistic timeline?


How to patch hole in denim jeans, here.

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