76 – Is she a Batchelder fireplace?

Batchelder fireplace?

W76 – Is she a Batchelder fireplace?

I watched an episode of Vintage flip on hgtv.com this week. They were flipping/renovating an older house in which they decided to add a reproduction of a Batchelder fireplace. Arnold Batchleder was an american artist of the art and craft movement in the 1920’s before the great depression. He started is own handmade/high end tiles production for fireplace, kitchen, fountain.. I don’t know much about fireplace tiles but the pictures shown during the Vintage Flip episode enlightened me. In fact we have a pretty big centerpiece fireplace in our house that look like something Mr Batchelder would of produce at the time. After doing some researches on the web, it seems that the dates, location and the style of our house “revival tudor” carry the clues of such a fireplace.. I will still contact the tile restoration center just to be sure. Not that i want to take down these tiles to sell them individually on ebay but I love learning more and more about our historical brick house.

J’ai regardé sur un épisode de Vintage Flip sur hgtv.com cette semaine. Il rénovait une maison en Californie dans laquelle il voulait construire une reproduction de cheminée Batchelder. Arnold Batchleder était un artist américain qui s’est fait connaître rapidemment dans le mouvement américain “Arts and Crafts” des années 1920 avant la grande dépression. Il avait lancé sa propre production de carreaux/carrelage de contour de cheminée, cuisine, fountaine..  J’y connais rien en carrelage de contour de cheminée mais les photos montrées lors de l’épisode Vintage flip m’ont interpellées car elles ressemblaient beaucoup à celle qui trône dans notre salon (photo ci dessus). J’ai fait quelques recherches sur internet, les dates, la zone géographique et le style “Revival Tudor” de notre maison correspondent à cette trouvaille… Je vais tout de même contacter le centre de restoration pour valider. Je ne compte pas démanteler notre cheminée pour vendre les carreaux à l’unité sur Ebay mais je trouve cela génial d’en apprendre plus sur notre vieille maison en briques.


Any big discovery for you this week? Une bonne découverte pour vous cette semaine?


More info about Ernest Batchelder, ici.

Informative article about Batchelder fireplace in the Seattle area, ici

The tile restoration center if you need confirmation, ici.

Updates!! After contacting the tile restoration center, It look likes relief tiles were made by the Claycraft Potteries company, which was a contemporary of Batchelder’s in Los Angeles. The field tiles is from an other company, Steve from the TLC thinks it might be Hamilton. No luck about Batchlender but still pretty happy to know more about our fireplace 🙂

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73 – Thinning corn seedlings

Corn from seeds

W73 – Thinning corn seedlings / Eclaircissage des pieds de maïs

Cette semaine nous avons passé beacoup de temps dans le jardin. Comme j’ai pu le mentionner dans l’article: 68 – Potager!! nous avons commencé à jardiner mi Avril et notre potager commence à avoir de l’allure. Le soleil aidant, les semis ont pris et même plus que prévu.. On s’est retrouvé avec 49 pieds de maïs sur un peu plus de 2m de long de potager carré! Il était temps d’éclaircir tout cela afin de garder les meilleurs pieds. C’est notre première année de potager donc tout est dans l’expérimentation et l’apprentissage.  J’ai donc éclairci/coupé/jeté 10 pieds qui étaient collés les uns aux autres (photo 1) et éclairci/déraciné, 24 autres (photo 2) que Mr H s’est chargé de repiquer devant la maison. Nous avons gardé dans notre potager carré une ligne avec 15 pousses de maïs espacés en moyenne de 10/15cm (photo 3). D’après ce que j’ai compris le pieds de maïs est assez difficle à polliniser quand on a qu’une seule ligne.. On verra donc ce que donne notre récolte!

This week we spent a lot of time outside in the garden. As mentioned in the previous post: 68 – Potager!! we started gardening mid April and our vegetable garden starts to look great. With the help of the sun all the seeds planted gave a lot of beautiful seedlings, even more than what we expected.. As an example we ended up with 49 corn seedlings on one row of 7′ raised bed! It was time to thin them in order to keep them growing. It is our first year doing a vegetable garden so we are experimenting and learning as we go 🙂 I thinned/cut/threw away 10 seedlings which were kind of glued to each others (pic 1) and thinned/uprooted 24 others(pic 2), Mr H decided to transplant them in front of our house. We kept in our raised bed 15 corn seedlings with an average of 6″ spacing between them (pic 3). From what i understand corn is pretty difficult to pollinate when you just have one row of them.. We’ll keep you updated when it is time to harvest!


Do you have any tips on how to grow corn in raised bed? / Avez vous des astuces à nous donner sur le maïs dans notre potager carré?


Info sur la plantation de maïs, ici.

Video on how to thin corn, ici.

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72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

W72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

Après un automne/hiver ultra pluvieux battant tout les records météorologique de la région, la pluie s’est arrêtée plus 24h. Le soleil brille, reboostant mon état d’esprit et réchauffant nos coeurs. Grosse promenade matinale au sentier de Clear creek à Silverdale. J’ai pu jouer avec Ulysse = > courrir, sauter faire les idiots… La grossesse et la naissance de Théo a réduit les moments privilégiés de tête à tête avec mon ainé et cela se voit dans nos intéractions, il me manque, on se manque. Théodore quand à lui profitait de la ballade dans la poussette avec Mamie J 🙂

5 choses pour lesquelles je suis reconnaissante aujourd’hui : Soleil, Carrie, Etre seule dans un café pendant 2h = Mr H, Réfléchir, Ecrire

The rain finally stopped for more than 24h! The past Autumn/Winter season has been the most wet in the region since 1895. The sun is finally shining boosting my mental health and warming up our hearts. We went for a big morning walk at the Clear creek trail in Silverdale. I played with Ulysse -> Run, jump, be silly… The pregnancy and Theo’s birth reduced the quality time we used to spent together and it shows up in our behavior I miss him, we miss each other. Theodore was enjoying the trail from his stroller with Mamie J 🙂

5 things I am thankful for today : Sun, Carrie, Be alone in a coffee shop for 2 hours = Mr H, Reflection, Writing


What are you thankful for today? / De quoi êtes vous reconnaissant aujourd’hui ?


Info about Clear creek trail, ici

Info about Seattle’s rain records, ici

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56 – Port Townsend rocks!

W56 – Port Townsend rocks!

C’était notre dernier weekend avec “Grand Mamie” avant qu’elle prenne l’avion pour rentrer en France. Nous avons décidé d’aller faire un tour à Port Townsend qui est à 1 heure de la maison au Nord de la péninsule. C’est une très belle petite ville assez touristique à l’architecture principalement victorienne dépaysement assuré! Quand le ciel est découvert on peut facilement admirer du bord de mer, la chaine des Olympiques d’un côté et la chaine des cascades et le Mont Baker de l’autre. Lors de notre promenade sur la Marina et dans le bourg Ulysse à trouvé deux beaux galets peints et cachés par des artistes locaux 🙂 #PortTownsendRocks

That was our last weekend with great grandma before she takes her plane back to France. So we decided to show her Port Townsend which his an 1 hour north away from home. Beautiful touristic little town known for her Victorian’s architecture. When the sky is blue you can enjoy from the beach The Olympic range on one side, The Cascades with the Mount Baker on the other side. We were walking along the marina and in Downtown when Ulysse found a couple of rocks hidden and painted by local artists 🙂 #PortTownsendRocks


Have you ever find hidden painted rocks around your city? Avez-vous déjà trouvé des galets peints et cachés dans votre ville?


More info about Port Townsend, ici.

More info about Port Townsend Rocks, ici.

Really Yummy pizza place! ici.

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47 – Painting time!

W47 – Painting time!

As winter approach we have been spending less time outside and rotating indoor activities like drawing, painting, puzzles, playdough, dancing, singing and listening to music. Our son loves writing his letters over and over and they usually end up in a mix media collage. He is starting “to be willing” to color inside the lines of coloring sheet  but most of the time the drawing/painting all over the paper/cardboard takes over! He is really productive when it comes to drawing/painting, I have been good at upcycling most of the support he/we uses for creativity. Some of his drawings are really cool, non objectively => He is my son 🙂 and I was wondering..


Did you or do you have a system in place to keep your kids creations over the year that does not involve paying for storage?!


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31 – Crabbing!


W31 – Crabbing

I never went fishing in my life but now I know how to harvest crab in WA state! What do you need? A license, a dock/pier/kayak/boat.., a ring net, a bait, a rope, a bucket, a measuring tool and some patience 🙂 Check the tide before going! We went crabbing 4 times this summer and we got 1 crab that was big enough to finish in our plates! I think it has to do with the fact that we harvest crab from the dock and not from a boat. It does not even matter if we can’t take any home, having the kids/people checking out the crabs, asking questions and helping putting them back in water is nice => Creating connections and sharing knowledge!


What is your favorite sea food?


More about recreational fishing? Here

Where to get a license, here.

French way to cook a crab, here.

French way to prep a crab once it is cooked, here

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29 – Scenic Beach, WA State Park


W29 – Scenic Beach, WA State Park

Greg is in town! We worked together 9 years ago at a French bakery he was the general manager and i was brought in as a project manager. He is one of my favorite person to chat and work with! Super excited to have him over for dinner since he now lives in Paris with his wife, Mary and 3 kids ❤ We went to my favorite park in B’town : Scenic Beach. Beautiful clear water and gorgeous view of the Olympics. Ulysse spent an hour throwing rocks 🙂


Is connecting with long time no see friends easy for you?


What can you do at Scenic Beach Park? Here

The map of the park, here.

Really Yummy Pizza in Seabeck, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

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