74 – Gallery openings!

Art opening Seattle

W74 – Gallery openings!

Okay, so last week was Theo’s first Thursday art walk in Seattle. We met Hugh in downtown for our little tour : 3 Gallery openings, a lot of beautiful glass, friends. 2 Adults + 2 kids. Lets just say that Ulysse was happier in the street looking at cars than inside looking at art 🙂 Walking through Occidental park artist/craft market in Pionner square was neat as Pratt set up a live blacksmith station. Pic taken while waiting for the ferry on our way back home at 7.55pm. The light is perfect. Help quiet my mind and bring me some peace after a busy day ❤

La semaine dernière s’était la première sortie de Théo à Seattle pour le premier jeudi du mois = inauguration de nouvelles exposition d’art. On a retrouvé Hugh dans le centre, pour notre petit tour: 3 galleries, beaucoup de magnifiques pièces et des amis. 2 Adultes + 2 enfants. Ulysse préfères définitivement être dans la rue à regarder les voitures qu’à l’intérieur à regarder des sculptures 🙂 Nous avons traversé le marché des artistes dans Occidental park à Pionner square et apperçut/entendu la démo live de l’équipe de Pratt utilisant la forge pour sculpter le métal. Cette photo était prise lorsque l’on attendait le ferry à 7.55pm pour notre retour à la maison. La lumiere est parfaite. Repose mes yeux et mon esprit ❤


Would you take your kids to art openings? Emmeneriez vous vos enfants à des inaugurations d’exposition art?


More info about the artists:

Austin Stern, ici.

Ethan Stern, ici.

Danny White & Megan Stelljes, ici.

Pratt, ici.

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36 – Portland bound!


W36 – Portland bound!

I love Dahlias and took this pic in front of The London Plane shop in Pionner Square as i was on my way to catch the bus. Going to Portland this weekend for the last workshop of my 200h YTT with the Samarya: Yoga & Social Change of at Unfold Yoga Studio.  The weather was amazing. I caught a Bolt Bus in Seattle on my way in and the Amtrak on my way back, I walked a bunch, stayed in a bunked bed hotel and caught up with Eryn and met really nice people. The workshop was interesting and challenging 🙂


Where is the weirdest place you have slept overnight?


More info about the workshop, here.

More info about Unfold yoga studio, here.

More info about the Bolt Bus (pretty cheap!), here.

More info about the Amtrak (not as fast as the bus), here.

More info about the bunked bed hotel, here.

More info about The London Plane restaurant/bakery/flower shop, here.

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