74 – Gallery openings!

Art opening Seattle

W74 – Gallery openings!

Okay, so last week was Theo’s first Thursday art walk in Seattle. We met Hugh in downtown for our little tour : 3 Gallery openings, a lot of beautiful glass, friends. 2 Adults + 2 kids. Lets just say that Ulysse was happier in the street looking at cars than inside looking at art 🙂 Walking through Occidental park artist/craft market in Pionner square was neat as Pratt set up a live blacksmith station. Pic taken while waiting for the ferry on our way back home at 7.55pm. The light is perfect. Help quiet my mind and bring me some peace after a busy day ❤

La semaine dernière s’Ă©tait la première sortie de ThĂ©o Ă  Seattle pour le premier jeudi du mois = inauguration de nouvelles exposition d’art. On a retrouvĂ© Hugh dans le centre, pour notre petit tour: 3 galleries, beaucoup de magnifiques pièces et des amis. 2 Adultes + 2 enfants. Ulysse prĂ©fères dĂ©finitivement ĂŞtre dans la rue Ă  regarder les voitures qu’Ă  l’intĂ©rieur Ă  regarder des sculptures 🙂 Nous avons traversĂ© le marchĂ© des artistes dans Occidental park Ă  Pionner square et apperçut/entendu la dĂ©mo live de l’Ă©quipe de Pratt utilisant la forge pour sculpter le mĂ©tal. Cette photo Ă©tait prise lorsque l’on attendait le ferry Ă  7.55pm pour notre retour Ă  la maison. La lumiere est parfaite. Repose mes yeux et mon esprit ❤


Would you take your kids to art openings? Emmeneriez vous vos enfants Ă  des inaugurations d’exposition art?


More info about the artists:

Austin Stern, ici.

Ethan Stern, ici.

Danny White & Megan Stelljes, ici.

Pratt, ici.

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48 – Seattle women march against hate

W48 – Seattle women march against hate

*** So many great people *** Great signs *** Inclusion *** Kids & Family ***       Carry and I have been planning on going since the results of the election and I also wanted/needed and hair cut and she was willing to try it 🙂  We schedule our quality time together around the March. She did a great job with my hair, she is not an hairstylist btw! We started the walk in Volunteer park, through Broadway and finished in Cal Anderson Park in Capital Hill. Along the walk people were singing, playing instruments from their balcony, giving free hugs, honking, waving, smiling… Definitely brought up a lot of emotions but also warmth and hope in such an unbelievable transition of power.


Have you ever march/strike for your rights? For other people rights?


More info about the Seattle women march against hate, here.

More info about Volunteer Park in Seattle, here.

More info about Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, here.

26 ways to be in the struggles beyond the street, here.

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45 – Chute libre

W45 – Chute libre

I’m falling. Yep, that happened this week.. Picture taken from The Stranger’s article “We’re Fucked” published on Nov 10th. Can someone explain to me why the electoral college is necessary in the USA please? I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that THE PEOPLE elected Hillary Clinton and even so, Donald trump becomes president. How is that democracy? I just wonder how many Americans do not vote because they feel their vote won’t make a change in the state they are to win the electoral college votes.. As I shared my feelings about the results of the election, one of my dear friend Daysha sent me an article from Slate explaining why “The electoral college is an instrument of white supremacy and sexist”.

I suppose i am really struggling with the INDIRECT suffrage because i have had the right to vote DIRECTLY for the French president since i am 18yo.


What do you think of The Electoral College ?


The Stranger’s article “We’re Fucked”, here.

Who is Daysha?, here.

Slate’s article “The electoral college is an instrument of white supremacy and sexist”, here.


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43 – Ferry Nap!

W44 – Ferry nap!

We usually spend one day/week in Seatte, which means we leave the house around 8.20am and walk a lot since i don’t want to take/pay for the car on the ferry. I LOVE walking, and for sure our son does too (for the moment). This week “Mamie J” came with us to the “big city”. We decided to walk from the Seattle ferry terminal to the Seattle center via the waterfront, Sculpture park, Elliot Bay trail and the Myrtle Edwards park. It was great day! We arrived at the Seattle Center Fountain starving.. We had some lunch and i had to go run and errand. I met with Uly and Mamie J on the waterfront to catch the 3pm ferry home. Almost 5 miles later our toddler was sleep walking 🙂 Took him on my shoulders up to the ferry where he found the weirdest position to sleep in. Commuters always smile and wonder what we do to have him nap so soundproofly during our ride back home.. He walks.

PS: When we are at home we also try to be active/busy in the morning so Ulysse will take a good nap after lunch => Quiet time for me 🙂


What is your go to work out?


Info about Seattle’s waterfront, here.

Info about the Sculpture Park, here.

Info about the Elliott Bay trail, here.

Info about the Seattle Center Fountain, here.

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42 – Discovery park, Seattle

W42 – Discovery park, Seattle, WA

One of my favorite park in Seattle! The first walk Mr H and I did was in that park back in Feb 2007. Also known as Fort Lawton park, Discovery park is located in Magnolia, easy access when you have a car or you can take the bus 33 or 24 from DT and they will drop you of around it. Outdoor play date, walk and talk with friends and babies. We met in the south parking lot and walk toward the south beach trail down to the beach and the lighthouse. It is one of the best spot to pick up draft wood and watch summer sunset. However I can vouch only on the South part of the beach since each time I went, I never made it to the North part 🙂 Time flew by and realized that we were pretty hungry. I bribed Ulysse with a hot chocolate in order to motivate him to hike back up! We ended up having a quick lunch and took some really cute & free pumpkin patch pictures of the kids in front of our lunch spot.


The pumpkin patch pictures thing made me realized that we have not yet established family traditions, have you?


More info about Discovery Park, here.

More info about Fort Lawton, here.

Discovery Park’s trail map, here.

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40 – New passport, new name

W40 – New passport, new name

My french passport expired in August and in order to renew it, I had to go to the French embassy in San Francisco. So this is one of the fun thing i did this week… Before even being able to book the appointment at the embassy, you have to make sure that you are registered as a french citizen living abroad. Of course they ask for French updated ID’s, valid french birth certificate, green card and proof of residency, French picture ID..  I have always been pretty good at being on top of admin papers (and budget) thanks to my mum. It is definitely helpful when you deal with immigration laws in 2 different countries, 2 different languages and that you are frugal/stubborn enough to not get a lawyer. I am really happy i was able to keep my old passport. It is a huge part of our family history and my life for the past 10 years. One of the question I had before the appointment and before traveling internationally with this new passport and which i was not able to find an answer to is: ” If I am adding my married name on my passport how will that affect me going through borders/customs with a green card that just has my maiden name on it?” The girl I met with at the french embassy told me that it was better in my case to add my married name on my passport since my kid only has his father’s name on his passport and that I should make sure to bring, marriage certificate and any serious proof of relationship if i am worried about customs and mismatch names on P & GC.. I was able to get an 1pm appointment at the embassy which let me enough time to fly in the morning, take care of the papers, walked through Market St’s 2016 Prototyping Festival and up to the Alamo park, check out The Painted Ladies, have lunch watching someone play piano in the street and waste time reading/shopping in the Alexander Book Company. My flight was 2h late.. Mr H and sleeping Uly picked me up at Seatac and we made it home by 2am. So thankful for the ride home… Good and long day!


What is your favorite place in San Francisco?


Consulate general of France in San Francisco, here.

ID picture requirements, here.

More info about the Market St Prototyping Festival, here.

What are The Painted Ladies? here.

Really cool independent bookstore in SF’s Financial District, here.

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36 – Portland bound!


W36 – Portland bound!

I love Dahlias and took this pic in front of The London Plane shop in Pionner Square as i was on my way to catch the bus. Going to Portland this weekend for the last workshop of my 200h YTT with the Samarya: Yoga & Social Change of at Unfold Yoga Studio.  The weather was amazing. I caught a Bolt Bus in Seattle on my way in and the Amtrak on my way back, I walked a bunch, stayed in a bunked bed hotel and caught up with Eryn and met really nice people. The workshop was interesting and challenging 🙂


Where is the weirdest place you have slept overnight?


More info about the workshop, here.

More info about Unfold yoga studio, here.

More info about the Bolt Bus (pretty cheap!), here.

More info about the Amtrak (not as fast as the bus), here.

More info about the bunked bed hotel, here.

More info about The London Plane restaurant/bakery/flower shop, here.

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