72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

W72 – Clear creek trail, Silverdale

Après un automne/hiver ultra pluvieux battant tout les records météorologique de la région, la pluie s’est arrêtée plus 24h. Le soleil brille, reboostant mon état d’esprit et réchauffant nos coeurs. Grosse promenade matinale au sentier de Clear creek à Silverdale. J’ai pu jouer avec Ulysse = > courrir, sauter faire les idiots… La grossesse et la naissance de Théo a réduit les moments privilégiés de tête à tête avec mon ainé et cela se voit dans nos intéractions, il me manque, on se manque. Théodore quand à lui profitait de la ballade dans la poussette avec Mamie J 🙂

5 choses pour lesquelles je suis reconnaissante aujourd’hui : Soleil, Carrie, Etre seule dans un café pendant 2h = Mr H, Réfléchir, Ecrire

The rain finally stopped for more than 24h! The past Autumn/Winter season has been the most wet in the region since 1895. The sun is finally shining boosting my mental health and warming up our hearts. We went for a big morning walk at the Clear creek trail in Silverdale. I played with Ulysse -> Run, jump, be silly… The pregnancy and Theo’s birth reduced the quality time we used to spent together and it shows up in our behavior I miss him, we miss each other. Theodore was enjoying the trail from his stroller with Mamie J 🙂

5 things I am thankful for today : Sun, Carrie, Be alone in a coffee shop for 2 hours = Mr H, Reflection, Writing


What are you thankful for today? / De quoi êtes vous reconnaissant aujourd’hui ?


Info about Clear creek trail, ici

Info about Seattle’s rain records, ici

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52 – Where are we?

W52 – Where are we?

I love to learn, travel, meet new people, understand, be challenged. Wanting to have less things, be/do more, cut down our daily life expenses to what is necessary to meet our travel experiences has been a big part of our life. I don’t want it all. Just being aware of what makes me/makes us happy as a family. Traveling is one of those things . The first person to comment on this post and tell me in which park in Europe was this picture taken will receive a little handmade gift from us. Bonne Année 2017!


In which city did you spend your New year evening this year?


Wanna learn how to manage your income, start saving? Check Mr Money Mustache blog, here.

Tips to travel when you have no money, here.

The Guardian article about “Traveling families and World Schooling”, here.

Inspiring senior nomads, here.

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32 – I can’t choose..


W32 – I can’t choose..

I don’t know what is my favorite souvenir of the week. All of it! I can’t choose, I don’t want to chose, I loved all of them for different reasons.. Trip to the aquarium and the chalk street art in Seattle’s waterfront (#lightupthegrid), our day trip to Hurricane ridge (Ulysse did amazing!), my first yoga community class in Seattle’s Pratt Park and our family Sunday at Scenic beach.. Loving the summer!


What about choices? Do you feel you have the choice to live the life you want or do you feel stuck in the life you have?


More info about art on Seattle’s waterfront, here.

More info about Hurricane ridge (Olympic National Park, Wa), here.

Hurricane ridge brochure/map, here.

What/where is the Pratt Park? Check my 01 – Bittersweet love post

What/where is Scenic Beach? Check the post 29 – Scenic Beach!

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22 – Sun & Splashes


W22 – Sun & Splashes

It has been a pretty sunny week and we have been enjoying our cheap kiddie pool 🙂  Ulysse loves playing in the water and most of the time we have to negociate with him when it’s time to get out of it (bath or pool). We took him to a pool for the first time when he was 5 month old when living in France. When we moved back to WA, he took a Tiny Tots swimming class at the Hazen High School pool in Renton. He/We loved it! I was surprised by the number of  “skill set” required before being able to learn how to swim. Mr H and I enjoy swimming to so I suppose it is not a surprise that our little one is a fish in the water 😉

Remember, do not leave your kid(s) without adult surveillance when they are playing in the pool.


How old were you when you learn to swim?


Tiny tots class, Hazen  High school in Renton – here

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17 – Illahee, WA State Park


W17 – Illahee State Park, WA

It is good to be back home with my family. We went to one of our favorite state park in Bremerton this week, Illahee which means earth/country in native american. Beautiful hike/walk down the stairs in the forest from the upper parking lot (260 steps back and forth). Ulysse loves to throw rocks in the water and Mr H and I enjoyed the sun and watched a couple of seals playing around in the water. ❤ Family time outside. If you plan to spend time in WA and you want to enjoy the state parks (154 available) get yourself an annual discover pass!


What is the wildest animal you have observed/watched in his natural habitat?


What can you do at Illahee State Park? Here

The map of the park, here.

Where to buy a discover pass? Here

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